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heryl Brantner has been designing graceful and luxuriously comfortable environments for over thirty five years. Long respected for her elegant integration of architecture and interior design, her projects – whether classic or modern in style – are distinguished by their signature warmth, love for beautiful materials and thoughtful, refined details. Beyond trend, Cheryl’s projects are designed with care, intelligence, discipline and a deeply sensed understanding of character, quality and beauty.

Brantner’s talents have brought her work in Interior Design and Interior Architecture, Product, Textile and Furniture Design for residential, commercial and hospitality projects on both coasts. She has designed private family residences, country retreats, urban pied-â-terres, corporate and academic interiors, the ground floor of a world-class museum and award winning restaurants for noted chefs throughout the country. Her design work for The Institute for Genetic Medicine at the University of Southern California, TSE Cashmere, COPIA-The America Center for Wine Food & the Arts and the original Patina and Bikini restaurants represent the capacity and scope of Brantner’s work.

Brantner was inducted into the Hospitality Design Platinum Circle for Lifetime Achievement and has won honors for her design of GQ Magazine’s Restaurant of the Year and TAHOE’s Mountain Home of the Year. She has taught at Otis Art Institute at the Parson’s School of Design in Los Angeles and has edited, written and photographed for design publications in America and Europe.

My design work, collaborations and friendships with artisan groups in Nepal, Peru, Turkey, Africa and Uzbekistan have brought great creative energy to the daily life rhythms in our studio. These small projects and social impact initiates have created limited-edition collections of luxurious products for the homes of both clients and for others who value the artistry of items made by hand. The simple mission – and yet sometimes not so simple when working in far away places – has always been to make beautiful things. But our process of making items that are both beautiful – and meaningful – also aims to help support and nurture global artisan communities, to assist in preserving their cultural traditions, and always – to celebrate the imprint of artisans’ hands.


We are honored to support and draw inspiration from the non-profit organizations listed below. Their committed actions produce artisan development programs, create economic opportunities for women in countries affected by conflict, and advance avenues of micro credit for individuals and groups without access to traditional finance. Two of these organizations create international compliance standards to ensure the ethics and wellbeing of artisans, while another has created the new mission of photo philanthropy to help illustrate the immense power that a single image has in impacting social change. The efforts of these organizations might seem to deeply contrast with the privileged opportunities we as designers have in our day-to-day careers, but they also ensure that our common desire to connect, contribute and share human goals and values remain the same.”


“ I believe that each project should have a unique perspective

in order to reflect the story of the people who live there. For me, good design is

a collaboration that begins with listening – really listening to my client’s hopes and wishes for their project

and then creating a foundation from which to first care for the project’s needs and budget

before beginning the crafting of dreams. I am forever inspired by nature,

by travel and by having creative adventures in the world that allow me to see things a little differently.

At heart, it is process, attention and the great pleasure of doing the work

that help me imagine and create spaces that delight by being fresh, authentic and beautiful. ”

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